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Qulaity beetroot supplier, Nottinghamshire UK
one of Britains largest beetroot suppliers in the UKgrower and supplier of quality beetroot in Nottinghamshire, England, UKStan White Farms family business supply all the beetroot bottling, vac pac and fresh markets in the United Kingdom and EuropeBeetrook UK provide quality beetroot to Britain and the European marketStan White Farms are able to harvest up to 500 ton of beetroot per day
Welcome to Beetroot UK, one of the largest suppliers in Britain

We are one of the biggest beetroot growers in the UK, established over 60 years ago and run as a family business that strive to harness nature, utilise our skills and adopt environmentally friendly techniques to sustainability produce healthy and safe food.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our beetroot: our plant population and seed rate is carefully pre-determined to maximise the yield, we grow the beetroot on a variation of soils which ensures we can lift the beetroot all year.

Beetroot UK markets all the beetroot grown by Stan White Farms as well as buying and selling beetroot. It supplies all the beetroot bottling, vac pack and fresh markets in the UK and throughout Europe.

Precision agriculture at Stan White Farms, leading Beetroot suppliers in the UK

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Beetrook Uk produces quality beetroot, RTA fresh produce standard, tesco nurture, global gap, sedex, leaf marque standard and rta combinable crops