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The family farm was founded by Graham's father Stan White who, after starting out as a paperboy, saved enough money to buy a smallholding.

In 1948 he grew his first crop of beetroot on a modest 1.25 acres (0.5ha).

"He wasn't at all impressed at first with the realities of farming," explains Graham. "But as he wasn't able to sell the land either, he decided to make a go of it."

The family are now on their third generation, with both son Oliver and daughter Ella graduating from Bishop Burton College and entering into the business. "They are all learning about beetroot, and we all find it to be a very exciting and underrated crop," says Graham.

Stan spent about 40 of his 60 years in farming producing beetroot, with the company becoming more specialised along the way.

"The markets are more demanding today than they were back then. The crop is now graded into specific size and quality according to our customer requirements."

Nearly 70 years later the Company has never stopped growing, or reinvesting in production equipment, and presently grow on 4,000 acres (1,600ha) supplying the market with approximately 30,000 tons of beetroot.

Stan White Farms is a family business supplying UK and Europe with quality Beetroot
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